Emma Swift mini-album makes ALBUM OF THE WEEK at JB Hi-fi


Staff at Sydney music retailer JB Hifi’s Strand Arcade store have thrown their support behind Emma’s mini-album, making it their pick of the week this week. The record was released on August 1 through independent label Laughing Outlaw Records and is being distributed through Inertia.

“This teary masterpiece from Emma deserves our pick of the week,” said JB Hifi’s Areatha Bryant.

“It’s a shot of whiskey with a dash of Patsy Cline. Y’all just gotta love that cocktail. Embrace the heartbreak. That’s our motto. Well done Ms Swift. You nailed it.”

The album is available now at selected JB-Hifi stores as well as online via Laughing Outlaw Records, Bandcamp and iTunes.